Mari Misaki aka Kaera Uehara

Here’s some beautiful pictures of Japanese sex idol Mari Misaki hanging out at the beach at sunset. A very gorgeous girl combined with a great photographer and beautiful tropical setting make these some of my favourite pictures. I really dig this sunset style, don’t see enough of this, so very erotic. I will try to find more pictures like this for Japanese Vixens as well as more pics of Mari Misaki for she is one hot Japanese girl. So far I’m having trouble and not sure if she’s retired or new or what.

EDIT – Well i did a little research with the google and all and came up with the reason i wasn’t seeing much more about Mari Misaki, apparently she’s since changed her name to Kaera Uehara and is quite popular with JAV fans. She’s also done quite a few hardcore Japanese sex movies as well. Party party!

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