Suzune Toujou Pictures

And yet another return, this time of busty Japanese girl Suzune Toujou. I’m still convinced she’s some Japanese politicians wife or something and that’s why she always hides her face in these pictures, not wanting to create a Japanese sex scandal or something. Her huge Japanese tits are fantastic looking and they do just that in all these pics here. I especially like the pic of her on all fours with like 4 dildos penetrating and teasing her. Her Japanese swingers look amazing there and I only wish I could see this scene in video but I’m not sure if Idols69 has it.

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Rin Suzuka Pictures

Here’s some more pictures from Japanese girl Rin Suzuka. Following tradition of the last few posts of second appearances this too is Rin Suzuka’s follow up appearance on the Japanese Vixens blog. I’m really loving her in that red mesh top with her nipples poking through. Especially the one pic of her at the window showing off her beautiful Japanese ass. Such a fine ass and body on her it was hard to decide what pics to use. Lots more Rin Suzuka pictures to look through at Idols69, links below.

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Reika Shina Pictures

The second appearance by Japanese sex girl Reika Shina on Japanese Vixens. In these pics here you will find her wearing a school girl outfit with some high socks (her skirt is on the floor next to her wink wink) and a few other good shots including one of her waearing a flower in her messy Japanese bush. Ahh the soapy tits pic is great too. This is another gallery that is basically made up of left over from the first post Reika Shina post I made. More of Reika can be found through the links below.

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Kaera Uehara aka Mari Misaki

This is Kaera Uehara’s second appearance on Japanese Vixens. The first post was under the name Mari Misaki which she has since stopped using. This is basically just a post made up of left over pics from the last post, i wasn’t going to make another but that one picture of her grabbing her sand covered ass on the beach is so sexy i could not not include. Hows that for a double negative? I’ve been practicing them, hard to beleive but my writing gets progressively worse. But you don’t care about that, you care about Mari Misaki and her sexiness. Lots more sexiness from her at Idols69, check it out.

P.S. These pics are under her old name, Mari Misaki

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Yukari Endo Maid Costume

Here’s another hand selected picture gallery of Japanese sex idol Yukari Endo. This time she’s wearing a sexy maids costume and looking very fine in it. And out of it too, cuz she peels that thing off garter by panties to reveal her sexy Japanese girl parts underneath. My oh my what a sexy little Japanese asshole she has for us. I’m not sure what that thing sucking on her titty is all about but it looks pretty good. Just wish it was me providing the vacuum power, keep it green yo!

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Yui Hasumi

Here’s a little Japanese cutie pie I found when surfing Idols69. She’s a standout sweety among a few hundred other girls who are in close competition for the Japanese sweety award. J Girls do so well at being cute as fuck at one moment then being dirty little porn girls the next. I’m not sure about this girl what she has or has yet to do, i don’t want to search and ruin any fantasies I have about marrying her and making her a good and proper housewife… when she’s not busy with me in the bedroom screaming like a racecar.

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Rin Suzuka

This AV Idol has an amazing ass. her name is Rin Suzuka and her ass is named Iwana Fuckit. I just made that up by the way, I’m really funny. But seriously, this is no laughing matter, not that that lame attempt at a joke was either but this is serious business. I want to spank this Asian girls Japanese ass. Just once, a perfect cupped spank is what that ass needs and I needs it to be my hand doing it. I bet it makes the sound of music when spanked just right, I could make Mozart on that thing. Ohh please oh please.. please let me let it sing!

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Suzune Toujou

Here be some very sexy pictures of this busty AV idol I found on idols69 named Suzune Toujou. She’s got some big Japanese tits and she happily plays with them here for us. I’m not sure if the first 6 pics of her juggling her breasts in the maid outfit made my dick harder or the second 6 of her oiling up her busty Japanese body and letting the liquid ooze off her sexy nipples and spread all around her ass. Hot stuff. I’m wondering if her face is as pretty as the rest of her cuz she seems to hide it in every pic. Maybe Suzune Tonjou is an alias and she’s some rich Japanese dudes wife and likes doing some Japanese scandal erotic photography on the side or something, like that one chick, whats her name again?

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Nana Nanami

This Japanese chicks real cute and I love her in just about every photo, doesn’t seem to have a bad angle. I’d like very much to kidnap her and add her to my planned harem. Ohh what a harem it shall be. I will keep my other intended harem uhhh, haremesses? secret until after I completed my planning and execution, but i will say this, it shall be grand. Especially don’t tell Reon Kadena, her security is tight enough already with all the underwear and romantic bukkake letters I send her in the mail every Tuesday. But for real, if you’re looking for more of Nana Nanami Idols69 has the rest of her pictures and a hardcore sex video you can download. Not a whole lot there of her yet but check the other sites I list on the right, JSexNetwork especially, if they don’t have more of her nobody does.

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Reika Shina

Reika Shina is another hot Japanese idol girl that I know nothing about other than she has appeared on Idols69 in a lot of sexy nude pictures. She’s more cute than sexy but she pulls off sexy very well in just about all of her pictures. I’d like to know if Reika Shina has done any hardcore, put her cuteness to the test, see if she’s all innocent like she seems in all the pics at I69. Check them out, tell me what you think, true sweety pie or does she gobble up mad dick on video?

EDIT: Still no hardcore found but damnnnn, I was looking through her Idols69 pics, all 300+ of them and I think she’s going on my fantasy harem list now!

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